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WordPress Analytics Plugin
The ExactMetrics Google Analytics for WordPress plugin helps you properly setup all the powerful Google Analytics tracking features without writing any code or hiring a developer.
Here we present a summary in which we explain about this plugin and the most important advantages it provides to the user.
We have used several sources in writing this summary, on top of which comes the official website of the developers, as well as the opinions of users on the wordpress.org site, in addition to our personal opinion based on our experience with it.

Navigating Google Analytics:

Enhancing Your WordPress Website Performance

In an age where data-driven decisions are essential for success, understanding your website's performance and visitor engagement is more important than ever. For WordPress users, finding a tool that is both easy to use and powerful can be challenging. However, I am excited to introduce you to a fantastic WordPress add-on called WordPress Analytics. This remarkable plugin offers a comprehensive solution for tracking your website's performance, visitor behavior, and engagement, making it easy to optimize your site's content and user experience. In this article, I will provide a glimpse into the advantages and functions of this versatile add-on and how it can streamline the way you analyze your website's data.


We include here the ​users rating and a summary of their opinions on this plugin, according to the wordpress.org site.

Final rating: 4.3 stars

Rating percentages:
5 stars: 68%
4 stars: 18%
3 stars: 7%
2 stars: 4%
1 star: 3%
General impression: Google Analytics is a widely-used plugin for integrating Google Analytics with WordPress sites. While it provides essential website tracking functionality, some users feel that the plugin could offer a more user-friendly interface and better documentation.

Join over 1,000,000+ Smart Website Owners Who Us 
ExactMetrics to Grow Faster

Finally, an Advanced Google Analytics Plugin

for WordPress that’s Easy and Powerful

ExactMetrics is the most comprehensive Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. Here are the features that make ExactMetrics the best plugin in the market.

Most Accurate Tracking

Properly setup powerful Google Analytics tracking features with just a few clicks (without hiring a developer).

Easy Analytics Dashboard

See your Google analytics reports right inside your WordPress dashboard with actionable insights.


StatsSee who is viewing your website, what they're doing, where they're coming from, how they found your site, and more.

eCommerce Tracking

Setup Google Analytics Enhanced eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce, EDD, & MemberPress (with 1-click).

Page Level Insights

Get detailed insights for each post, page, and products, so you can see the most popular areas and sections of your site.

Affiliate Ad Tracking

Automatically track clicks on your affiliate links, banner ads, and other external links with our enhanced link attribution.

GDPR / CCPA Compliant

Automatically make Google Analytics compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations.

Custom Dimensions

Custom tracking for authors, categories, tags, searches, custom post types, users, and other WordPress events.

Performance + Optimize

Enable A/B testing with Google Optimize, adjust speed & sample rate, along with other advanced performance features.

... and Seamless Tracking Integrations to Streamline Your Workflow

ExactMetrics offers 1-click tracking integration with popular WordPress plugins and services.   

Properly Setup Google Analytics on WordPress within Minutes (no coding needed).

Before ExactMetrics, business owners would either hire a developer or learn how to code to properly setup Google Analytics, add event tracking, configure eCommerce tracking, etc. This would take several days, if not weeks.

ExactMetrics makes it “easy” to properly setup Google Analytics in WordPress. Simply install the plugin and enable the features you want with just a few clicks, no coding needed!

Grow Your Business Faster
with Data-Driven Decisions

Join over 1 million business owners who make smarter decisions with ExactMetrics to grow their business

... love us because we help them properly setup 
Google Analytics on client sites in less than 5 

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Note: All the following questions and answers are taken from the support section of the ​ExactMetrics


Does ExactMetrics work on WordPress MultiSite?

Yes! ExactMetrics works perfectly with WordPress MultiSite, both network activated and activated on individual sites. The automatic updates also work for MultiSite as well.

Can I use ExactMetrics on non-WordPress sites?

No, ExactMetrics is a WordPress plugin, so it will not work on sites that do not use WordPress as its primary CMS.

What do I need to use ExactMetrics?

ExactMetrics requires at least WordPress 4.9 and a modern web browser for viewing the admin. We do not support IE10 or below for viewing the ExactMetrics admin area. Visitors using your site will be tracked by Google regardless of browser they use.

Empowering WordPress Users

A Final Word on Google Analytics Integration

In conclusion, WordPress An​alytics is an outstanding add-on that offers an all-in-one approach to monitoring your website's performance. Its features and benefits, such as its intuitive interface, detailed reporting, and customization options, make it an indispensable tool for any WordPress website owner. From my personal experience, I am impressed with the user-friendly design and powerful analytics capabilities of this add-on, making it accessible to users of all experience levels. I believe that WordPress Analytics is an essential solution for those seeking to understand and optimize their website's performance, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone looking to gain a competitive advantage in the digital world.

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