WordPress Lightbox Ultimate
The WordPress Lightbox Ultimate plugin allows you to embed your media files (images, videos, mp3 etc) using lightbox overlay display similar to the one shown below.
This plugin can be used to display images, mp3, mp4, flash, YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler videos in a lightbox popup. It can also be used with videos hosted on your Amazon S3 account.
Here we present a summary in which we explain about this plugin and the most important advantages it provides to the user.
We have used several sources in writing this summary, on top of which comes the official website of the developers, as well as the opinions of users on the wordpress.org site, in addition to our personal opinion based on our experience with it.

WP Lightbox Ultimate Plugin is a WordPress plugin that adds a responsive lightbox to your website, allowing you to display images, videos, and other types of media in an elegant and user-friendly way. 


We include here the ​users rating and a summary of their opinions on this plugin, according to the wordpress.org site.

Final rating: 4.4 stars

Rating percentages:
5 stars: 72%
4 stars: 15%
3 stars: 6%
2 stars: 4%
1 star: 3%
Lightbox Ultimate is a versatile plugin for displaying images, videos, and other content in a stylish lightbox overlay. While many users find it useful and easy to use.    

Plugin Features

Below are just some of the notable features of the WordPress Lightbox Ultimate Plugin:

Easy Installation

Easy installation and setup – it takes minutes to install the plugin then embed your videos with shortcodes.

Embed Videos Anywhere

Embed videos anywhere on your WordPress site with lightbox effect using shortcodes.

Professional Looking Lightbox

Give your sales and landing pages a fresh look with professional looking lightbox effects with this plugin.

Takes Less Space

Videos embedded using lightbox effect take less space on your landing page regardless of the dimensions of the video. This will help you efficiently manage the real estate on of your landing pages.

Use Text or Image Anchor

Embed media files using an anchor text or an anchor image (the lightbox pops up when the text or image anchor is clicked).

Responsive Videos

We have shortcodes that will allow you to embed videos that are responsive and works on all browsers.

All Browser Compatible Lightbox Video

Embed mp4 videos (the most popular video format for web) using lightbox effect that works on all major browsers (including iOS devices). You don’t have to worry about some of your users not being able to play the video.

YouTube and Vimeo Videos

Use lightbox effect on YouTube videos (single video or a playlist). You can also embed Vimeo and Viddler videos using lightbox effect.

Wistia Videos in Lightbox

You can embed videos from your Wistia account. The Wistia videos will play in a lightbox/overlay window.

Supports Most Popular Media Types

Embed the following media types with lightbox effect: images, mp4 videos, mp3 audio files, PDF files, flv, flash (swf), f4v etc.

Image Gallery with Lightbox

Create beautiful image galleries with lightbox effects just using a shortcode. You can embed multiple image galleries on a single post/page

Embed Videos from Media Library

You can use any MP4 video file(s) that you have already uploaded to your WordPress media library and embed them on a page using a lightbox effect.

Embed Videos from Amazon S3

Embed videos stored on your Amazon S3 account using lightbox. You can also embed private/protected mp4 videos stored on your Amazon S3 account to add protection for your videos (the videos will be responsive and work on all major browsers including iPhone and iPad). Very useful if you are selling videos.

Embed Videos from Google Drive

You can use this plugin to embed videos stored on your Google Drive account using the lightbox effect.

Embed Videos from Dropbox

You can use this plugin to embed videos stored on your Dropbox account using the lightbox popup effect.

Secure Video Download

Ability to create a secure download link on a WordPress page for your video files stored on your Amazon S3 account (this will allow your users to download the media file without compromising the security of the video file). Very useful if you are running a video membership site.

WordPress Image Gallery Integration

WordPress allows you to create photo galleries by uploading images using the media uploader. Lightbox Ultimate plugin can extend that functionality and allow you to also open each of the gallery images using the lightbox effect.

Load External Page in Lightbox

You can load another HTML page from your site in an overlay/lightbox popup using this plugin.

Plugin Stability

Our plugin code-base is very stable. We put a lot effort into testing and developing our plugins so it doesn’t break your site after you upgrade.

Great Support

We offer good customer support. 
(usually within 24 hours).

Plugin Installation Instruction


Lightbox Ultimate improves website media display with responsive lightbox effects, supporting a variety of formats and enhancing user experience. Its visually appealing presentation makes media browsing enjoyable for website visitors.

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