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Discover the best WordPress backup plugin. With BackupGuard, you can backup, restore and clone your WordPress site in a matter of minutes. Keep your website safe from hackers, crashes or human errors with our WordPress backup solution. Trusted by thousands of users, BackupGuard backup plugin delivers the most robust tools to backup and restore WordPress websites.

Backup Guard plugin
BackupGuard is a reliable backup and migration plugin for WordPress users who want to safeguard their site's data and easily transfer it between hosts, ensuring seamless recovery and migration.
Here we present a summary in which we explain about this plugin and the most important advantages it provides to the user.
We have used several sources in writing this summary, on top of which comes the official website of the developers, as well as the opinions of users on the site, in addition to our personal opinion based on our experience with it.


We include here the ​users rating and a summary of their opinions on this plugin, according to the site.

Final rating: 4.6 stars

Rating percentages:
5 stars: 80%
4 stars: 12%
3 stars: 5%
2 stars: 2%
1 star: 1%

BackupGuard is a popular plugin for creating and managing backups of WordPress sites. Users appreciate its reliability and user-friendly interface, making it a trusted choice for website backups.

WordPress Backup Features

One click WordPress backup

Perform full or custom backups of your WordPress website with just one click. WordPress database backup was made as easy as possible.

Reliable restore

Restore your WordPress site from any point at any time. We make sure that your website is up and running as quick as possible.

WordPress site migration

Restore your WordPress website in any other WordPress installation, in any other domain or server. We take care of all the migration process.

Upload to cloud

With our WordPress backup plugin you can backup your website locally, upload to cloud or both. We support Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon, OneDrive, Box and pCLoud.

Designed For Everyone

How to backup a WordPress website

There are several ways to Backup your WordPress site. With Backup Guard you will get the fastest and easiest way to do that.You just need to proceed with these 3 super easy steps!

- nstall
- elect the backup type
- Start the backup
- How to Install?
The installation of the plugin to the WP is crucial in order to start the process.

For the free version, please go to plugins section and install Backup Guard
For the Pro one, please visit our website, purchase the desired plan and install the Pro version instead of the free one to your WordPress site
How to select the Backup type?
You probably already know what kind of a backup you need.However, you can see what Backup Guard plugin also provides.
- Go to the WP sidebar and press on Backup Guard
- You will see these options:
Full backup - by selecting this you will be able to implement a full backup of you WordPress site Custom backup - select this option if you wish to create a custom backup (like,The Custom Backup options are:Backup database - with this option you are able to do only the database backup.
You can select “Full” if you wish to backup the whole database, Press on “Only WordPress” if you wish to implement the database backup for the WordPress site only.
Choose “Custom” if you wish to make a customized database backupBackup files - this option is responsible for making a specific backup for the mentioned files. WP Content | Plugins | Themes | Uploads

How to start the Backup?If you have already chosen the right type of backup, it is the time to start!
- Select the desired backup type and press on the “Backup” blue button
- Once you select it you will see a row with the backup information In that part, you will also see all the backup tables created by you
Filename - this is going to be name of your backed up file
Size - is a great way to know the size of the file in MB
Date - this is the date of the implemented backup which is also mentioned in the file name
Status - this is the status of the backup process. If you see V this means it is completed
Actions - these are the possible actions that you can do with the backupWith the X button you can delete the created backup file The download-shaped button helps to download: the backup as well as the implemented backup log The reverse shaped one performs a restore of the backup to the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: All the following questions and answers are taken from the support section of the ​BackupGuard 

How long will I be able to use the plugin?

Our WordPress backup plugin can be used forever. We provide lifetime usage license. Plugin updates will be available for 1 year of time, then you will be able to either renew (by only paying 60% of the initial price) or keep using the plugin without updates. If you prefer not to renew, you can still use the plugin as much as you want.

Any special requirements to run BackupGuard?

Besides the minimum WordPress and PHP version supports, there are no other requirements to run BackupGuard. Although 32-bit systems are supported, we recommend using 64-bit systems for avoiding common “large-sized” file issues in your server.

Can I select (customize) what I want to backup?

We offer a variety of options at the moment of starting the backup. You can choose the files to backup, the database tables to backup and select each cloud individually to upload your backups to.

Can I select (customize) what I want to backup?

We offer a variety of options at the moment of starting the backup. You can choose the files to backup, the database tables to backup and select each cloud individually to upload your backups to.

The bottom line

BackupGuard provides reliable backup and restoration capabilities for WordPress sites. Its user-friendly interface and robust features ensure that websites are protected from data loss and downtime.

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