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Since 2010, Themify themes and plugins have been helping 116,942+ customers make beautifully responsive WordPress sites, faster and easier than ever.

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Themify theme with its builder in addition to a wide range of convenient specialized plugins that cover everything you need to build a professional WordPress site, whether it is an intro website or a WooCommerce store, and it is an ideal choice for designers and newcomers alike because of its ease of handling.
Here we present a summary in which we explain about this plugin and the most important advantages it provides to the user.
We have used several sources in writing this summary, on top of which comes the official website of the developers, as well as the opinions of users on the site, in addition to our personal opinion based on our experience with it.


We include here the ​users rating and a summary of their opinions on this plugin, according to the site.

Final rating: 4.5 stars

Rating percentages:
5 stars: 75%
4 stars: 15%
3 stars: 6%
2 stars: 2%
1 star: 2%
Overall impression: Themify offers a combination of themes and a page builder plugin, providing users with a variety of design and customization options. Most of the users of this plugin expressed very positive opinions about it, and many found that some of its professional themes rise to be the best in WordPress themes, especially with regard to some professional fields such as the following features:
Ultra- for Architect 
Magazine-for blog and magazine 
Shoppe- for WooCommerce 
Flatshop- for WooCommerce 
Elegant - for digital marketing agency 
Fullpane - for digital marketing agency    

Features and tools

Iterative Methods

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of our themes and plugins? No worries! We'll highlight a few key products below.

Ultra Theme

Used by thousands of freelancers and site owners, Ultra is Themify's flagship theme due to its extreme power and flexibility. It is a true multi-purpose theme that can be used for any type of site. With a variety of layout options (header, footer, post layouts, etc.) that can be selected site-wide or for individual pages, and including a wide selection of skins & pre-made demos, Ultra is most developers' first theme choice. 

View Demo



Create custom beautiful tile layouts for your photo galleries, blog posts, eCommerce products, and more! 

Slider Pro

Make stunning sliders with transition and animation effects

Maps Pro

Multiple markers, custom icons, tooltips, and 40+ map styles

Infinite Posts

Display posts in infinite scrolling on parallax, grid, overlay, or list view


Count down events and promotions 

Progress Bar

Animated bars based on input percentage 


Display each row with cool slide transition effects 

Content Restriction

Restrict module or row content based on WordPress user roles 


Show WooCommerce products anywhere in the Builder 

Themify Tiles

Sample text. Click to select the text box. Click again or double click to start editing the text.

Pricing Table

Beautiful and responsive pricing table addon 


Display your text with eye-catching typing animation 


Highlight certain areas of your image 


Auto fit text in the container 

A/B Image

Compare 2 images side by side 

Masked Image

Display images in any shape and have the text wrap around that shape. 


Simple contact form 

Image Pro

Beautify images with image filters, color/image overlay, and animation effects 


Elegant audio playlist 

Infinite Background

Infinite scrolling background image horizontally or vertically 


Display content in a timeline-styled layouts 


Animated circles and number counters 

BG Video Slider

Display multiple videos on your row background 

Bar Chart

Sample text. Click to select the text box. Click again or double click to start editing the text.

What Can I Build with Themify?

Below are some of the WordPress sites created by our members using Themify themes & plugins. These are just a few of the latest examples.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Note: All the following questions and answers are taken from the support section of the ​Themify .

Can I change the footer text? Am I allowed to remove the copyright info at the bottom? If so, how? 

Yes, you can remove/change the default footer text (e.g. Powered by WordPress - Themify WordPress Themes) by going to your WP Admin > Themify > Theme Settings > Footer Text, scroll down to Footer Text 1 & 2, enter your custom text there. The default footer text won't be showing in this backend space, but whatever you enter here will replace it.

Does the Builder come with the theme or do I have to purchase it separately? 

The Builder comes built into all Themify themes. You do not have to purchase the Builder plugin, if you're using a Themify theme. The only purpose of the Builder plugin is to use with on a non-Themify theme.

What's the advantage of renewing my membership? 

By renewing your membership you will be ensured that your always using the latest version of the theme. The updates also include framework updates that ensures compatibility with the latest version of the WordPress framework. In addition to this, you will also receive access to support forum for any assistance.

Are all your themes responsive? 

Yes, all our WordPress themes are responsive and mobile friendly (they pass the Google Mobile Friendly test).

Preview summary

Themify streamlines website design with its suite of themes and plugins, as well as a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. It provides advanced customization options, allowing users to create websites tailored to their needs.

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