A Beginner's Guide to Installing and Using the ​​​​​​WP Photo Seller Plugin


WordPress Photo Seller Plugin is a powerful tool for photographers and visual artists who want to sell their works directly from their WordPress websites. The plugin provides a streamlined, secure, and user-friendly platform for selling images while also offering a range of features to customize your gallery and enhance your customer's buying experience.

Installing the WordPress Photo Seller Plugin

Let's start by learning how to install the plugin on your WordPress site:

Log into your WordPress Dashboard: Navigate to your WordPress site's admin panel. This is typically found at 'yoursite.com/wp-admin'.

Navigate to 'Plugins': Once you're in your Dashboard, find and click on 'Plugins' in the menu on the left.

Click on 'Add New': On the Plugins page, you'll see a button titled 'Add New' at the top. Click on it.

Upload the Plugin: Here, you can upload the downloaded Photo Seller Plugin file (it should be a .zip file). Click on 'Upload Plugin', then 'Choose File', and find the plugin file on your computer.

Install the Plugin: After selecting the file, click on 'Install Now'. WordPress will now upload the plugin and install it on your website.

Activate the Plugin: Once installed, you'll need to activate the plugin. You can do this by clicking on 'Activate Plugin'.

The WordPress Photo Seller Plugin should now be installed and activated on your website.

Activating and Using the Plugin's Features

Navigate to the Plugin

From your WordPress Dashboard, locate the menu item 'WP Photo Seller' on the left-hand side and click on it.

Creating a Gallery

In the WP Photo Seller panel, click on 'Add New Gallery'. Here, you can give your gallery a title and description, upload your photos, and set prices for each photo or a default price for all.

Price List

You can create different pricing options for your photos. Go to 'Price List' in the plugin's menu. Click 'Add New', name your price list, and add different sizes and prices.

Watermarking and Image Protection

In the 'Settings' tab of the plugin, you can activate watermarking and disable right-clicking on your images for added protection against unauthorized use.

Currency and Payment Settings

Under the 'Payment Gateway Settings', you can select your preferred currency, set up your PayPal account for receiving payments, and adjust other payment-related settings.

Embedding the Gallery

Once your gallery is ready and your settings are configured, you can embed your gallery into a post or page using a shortcode. It usually looks like this: [wps_photo_seller id="X"], where X is the ID of your gallery.


The variety and versatility of features that the WordPress Photo Seller Plugin offers make it a robust and comprehensive solution for anyone looking to sell photos online. As you familiarize yourself with these features, you'll find that you're able to create a very user-friendly and professional platform for selling your photos, one that's tailored specifically to your business needs.

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