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OceanWP is the preferred choice for thousands of developers, website designers, e-commerce store owners, and hobby users. Fully Customizable, With OceanWP you can take control and completely customize your website.
Here we present a summary in which we explain about this plugin and the most important advantages it provides to the user.
We have used several sources in writing this summary, on top of which comes the official website of the developers, as well as the opinions of users on the wordpress.org site, in addition to our personal opinion based on our experience with it.


is the preferred choice for thousands of developers, website designers, e-commerce store owners, and hobby users. Fully customizable, With OceanWP you can take control of your website and fully customize it No coding skills required All settings are at hand! You are in control of your website - not the other way around. Global fonts and colors Apply your favorite colors to all sections, and choose..


We include here the ​users rating and a summary of their opinions on this plugin, according to the wordpress.org site.

Final rating: 4.8 stars

Rating percentages:
5 stars: 90%
4 stars: 7%
3 stars: 2%
2 stars: 0.5%
1 star: 0.5%
OceanWP is a widely appreciated multipurpose theme with a strong focus on customization and user experience. Its compatibility with popular page builders and extensive feature set make it a popular choice for creating professional-looking websites.

Sample Headline

Launch your website today with the one-click website demo templates import option. Quick installation, simple setup, full customization.

FULL site demos

Choose between 220+ modern Elementor and Gutenberg ready full-website WordPress templates or build the site from scratch.


Create Beautiful Custom Pages & Sections

Create custom headers, footers and sections. Easy implementation on both global and individual page level.

Control the layout of your page, disable or enable theme sections with a few simple clicks.

Need extra widgets to spice up your content? OceanWP Core Extensions Bundle comes packed with some very cool options and features.

Seamless WooCommerce integration entirely free


Build an Online Store to Admire

Choose between several styling options. Enable/disable shop elements per need or change their order of appearance. It's that simple!

Increase conversion by enabling the Multi-Step or distraction-free checkout. And yes, all these options are entirely free.

Make multiple options or filter widgets available to your potential customers without interfering with their shopping experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: All the following questions and answers are taken from the support section of the OceanWP

What is the Core Extensions Bundle?

The Core Extensions Bundle groups all the premium extensions available here:


Including all Pro Demos that you can preview here: 


Will I have a license key for each extension? 

With our new licensing system, you only need to use one license key to activate all your Ocean Pro Extensions

What happens if I don't renew my licenses after one year?

Your existing projects will remain intact. Only support, updates and activation of new extensions require renewal. For further details, please read our full doc on License Renewal.

Do you use third-party pro extensions in your products? 

No, we don't use third-party pro extensions in our products. You are neither required nor obligated to purchase or use any third-party pro extensions in order to run, use, edit or operate any of our website templates or extensions. Of course, whether you will use any third-party pro extension in addition or combination to the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle is entirely up to you and your needs.

What about future extensions? 

We’ve got you covered. Future extensions we create will be added to the Core Extensions Bundle, except in specific occasions where the value of the new extension exceeds the value of the Bundle.

How do I get updates? 

After activating your license key in Theme Panel > Account, you will get a notification in your WordPress dashboard whenever an update is available. You can update premium extensions automatically with just one click.

Where do I insert my license keys? 

After activating a premium extension on your website, if the extensions do not connect to your account automatically, a window to enter your license will appear. Just paste your license key and save. For further details, please see our doc on How to Activate Ocean Pro Extensions.

Will I receive the license for Elementor Pro? 

No, you will not receive the license for Elementor Pro if you purchase our products. You will also not receive a license for any third-party pro extension either. We do not use third-party pro extensions in combination with our products, neither do we sell licenses for third-party pro extensions.

Our product, Ocean Elementor Widgets, is an independent product and as such unrelated to Elementor Pro product and its features.

Preview summary

OceanWP delivers extensive customization options and a responsive design, making it adaptable for various purposes. Its feature-rich nature allows users to create unique and tailored website experiences across devices.

In our hosting

We offer you all the advantages of a business plan that contains:
- Premium Products Updates
- 7 Free Extensions
- 14 Premium Extensions
- Royalty-free Images & Icons Included in Demos
- Freepik Direct Image Import
- Flaticon Direct Icon Import
- Exclusive Freepik Discount
- 15 Free Demos
- Elementor Sections Library / Full
- 210 Pro Demos Included
- Access to Unique Online Content
- Access to Unique Exclusive Webinars
- First to Know News & Updates 

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