Social Chat
is a popular WordPress plugin that provides a user-friendly interface for live chat support. This add-on enables you to communicate with your customers directly through your website, providing a more convenient and efficient way to handle customer queries, feedback, and support. In this article, we will provide a brief overview of the Social Chat WordPress plugin, its features, pricing plans, and a comprehensive opinion on the benefits of using this add-on.

In this article, we will seek to cover the advantages offered by the WordPress ​​Social Chat plugin to the user, and we will also highlight its history and customer reviews about it, and then we will learn about the pricing plans it offers in order to compare them, and thus the reader can finally make an objective assessment of it. 

User ratings

Average rating on            

It has over 200 reviews on WordPress, with 67% of those reviews giving it 5 stars. An additional 16% of reviews give it 4 stars, indicating that the majority of users are satisfied with its features and functionality.

History of ​​Social Chat

The Social Chat WordPress plugin was created in 2015 by the developers at Social Innovator, a company that specializes in developing high-quality WordPress plugins. The plugin is now used by thousands of website owners worldwide, and it has received positive reviews for its intuitive user interface and powerful features.


Social Chat offers a range of features designed to help website owners provide top-notch customer support. Here are some of the key features of the plugin:

Multiple team member accounts

With Social Chat, you can create multiple user accounts for your support team, allowing them to log in and communicate with your customers directly.

More Features

Easily add WhatsApp button on your website, make your website visitors easy to contact you via WhatsApp!

WPML compatible

Social Chat is compatible with the popular WordPress Multilingual plugin, allowing you to provide support to customers in multiple languages.

Page targeting

You can show the WhatsApp button at the homepage, specific posts, categories, or pages.

Button appearance

Choose a cool circular or a formal rectangle WhatsApp button.

GDPR compliance

Social Chat is GDPR compliant, ensuring that your customer's data is protected.

Button placement

Choose where you want to display the WhatsApp redirect button.

Button availability time

Select button availability hours based on a custom timezone.


Social Chat offers three pricing plans: Free, Personal, and Business. The Free plan allows you to add one agent and provides basic features. The Personal plan costs $19 per year and allows you to add up to three agents and includes additional features such as custom branding and mobile support. The Business plan costs $39 per year and allows you to add up to ten agents and includes all the features of the Personal plan plus advanced analytics and reporting tools.

In conclusion, Social Chat is an excellent addition to any WordPress website that requires live chat support. Its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and affordable pricing plans make it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes. Overall, Social Chat is an impressive plugin that provides a seamless customer support experience and is worth considering for anyone looking to improve their customer support services.

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