A Beginner's Guide to Installing and Using ​CROCOBLOCK-​​​ ​​JetProductGallery, Plugin

Introduction to ​JetProductGallery Plugin

As we continue our exploration of the robust CROCOBLOCK WordPress plugin suite, we turn our attention to JetProductGallery, a dynamic tool designed to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your product pages. JetProductGallery provides users with the ability to create stunning and interactive product galleries, providing your customers with a comprehensive visual experience of your products. This tool becomes particularly useful for online retailers who wish to provide their customers with multiple views of their products. So, how can we install and utilize this tool? Let's dive in.


Before installing JetProductGallery, you must first ensure that you have WordPress installed on your server. Once this is in place, follow these steps:

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.

Click on 'Plugins' on the left-hand side menu, then click 'Add New'.

In the search bar, type 'CROCOBLOCK' and press 'Enter'.

Locate the CROCOBLOCK plugin in the search results and click 'Install Now'.

After the plugin has been installed, click 'Activate'.

With the CROCOBLOCK suite now activated, navigate to the 'JetProductGallery' option and select 'Install'.

Features and Using

Create a new product gallery

To create a new product gallery, navigate to the page where you want to add the gallery. Click on 'Edit with Elementor'.

Within the Elementor page builder, you'll see the 'JetProductGallery' widget. Drag and drop this widget to the desired location on your page.

Now, you can start configuring your gallery. Under the 'Content' tab, you can select the gallery layout, set the quantity of images visible, and more.

Under the 'Style' tab, you can customize the appearance of your gallery, including image spacing, border type, and arrow style.

When you're satisfied with your gallery, click 'Update' to save your changes.

Remember, the best settings depend largely on the design of your website and the nature of your products. For beginners, a simple grid layout with three images visible at a time can be a great starting point. Explore the features and find what suits your needs best.

Video Integration

JetProductGallery allows you to add video content to your product galleries, providing a more engaging and dynamic user experience. This feature can be accessed from the 'Content' tab within the JetProductGallery widget settings in Elementor. Here, you can add a video URL to your gallery.Activation Steps:

Go to your product page and click 'Edit with Elementor'.

Select the JetProductGallery widget where you wish to add a video.

In the 'Content' tab, find the option to add a video.

Enter the video URL and click 'Update'.

Gallery Thumbnails

Thumbnails provide a user-friendly way to browse through your product images without cluttering the screen. Users can click on a thumbnail to view the full-size image.Activation Steps:

Click on 'Edit with Elementor' on your product page.

Select the JetProductGallery widget.

In the 'Content' tab, locate the 'Thumbnail' section.

Toggle the 'Show Thumbnails' switch to 'Yes' and click 'Update'.


In conclusion, the JetProductGallery add-on for CROCOBLOCK is a dynamic and innovative tool that takes product visualization on your WordPress site to new heights. With its variety of features, such as the main gallery, thumbnail gallery, customizable widgets, video gallery integration, bullet navigation, and the capability for custom CSS, this tool can transform a regular product page into an immersive and interactive experience for your customers. By offering the ability to display products from multiple angles and in various contexts, it can help customers make informed buying decisions, improving customer satisfaction, and ultimately contributing to the success of your online store. While it may require a bit of learning and adjustment for newcomers, the potential benefits it offers for your eCommerce platform are undeniable. Just remember to explore, experiment, and adjust the settings to best fit your specific needs and preferences. Happy website building!

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