WordPress eStore Plugin
In a Nutshell… this powerful, sleek and conversion oriented WordPress shopping cart plugin allows you to sell any type of digital products and services from your WordPress powered site securely with complete automation.
Once you set it up, the whole process (the buying, payment verification, and the delivering of the product(s) without revealing the real URL of the product) works on auto-pilot. 
Here we present a summary in which we explain about this plugin and the most important advantages it provides to the user.
We have used several sources in writing this summary, on top of which comes the official website of the developers, as well as the opinions of users on the wordpress.org site, in addition to our personal opinion based on our experience with it.

Plugin Summary

1. Do you sell, or want to sell, digital downloads, digital content, products or services from your WordPress site on Autopilot while maintaining total SECURITY of your digital asset?
2. Are you frustrated with the e-commerce WordPress plugins you’ve looked at? Do you want a plugin with reliable customer service (where your questions get answered and issues get addressed)?
3. Do you hate the thought of paying ongoing fees and commissions to sell via a third party web site?
4. Do you hate having to buy many expensive addons after you install a shopping cart? and then pay a yearly fee to upgrade?If you are still reading, then the WordPress eStore plugin may be just what you need!


We include here the ​users rating and a summary of their opinions on this plugin, according to the wordpress.org site.

Final rating: 4.7 stars

Rating percentages:
5 stars: 82%
4 stars: 12%
3 stars: 4%
2 stars: 1%
1 star: 1%
General impression: WP eStore is a well-liked plugin for managing e-commerce stores on WordPress. Users appreciate its ease of use, flexibility, and robust feature set, making it a popular choice for online sellers.

Plugin Features

Below are just some of the notable features of the WP eStore Plugin:

Security of Your Digital Asset

Automatic instant digital product delivery upon payment through dynamically generated encrypted download link. This way the actual location of your digital product never gets revealed. The link expires after a configurable amount of time or specified number of downloads which ensures the security of your digital asset.

Sell Anything

Sell services, tangible and non-tangible products from your site. For example, you can sell digital downloads, videos, music, photos, subscriptions, tickets, serial numbers, web hosting, collect membership fees, and much more.

Secure Download Manager

WP eStore allows you to embed secure download now buttons for your free downloads (this will prevent hot linking to your files). You can also collect the user’s email address in exchange for the download (helps you build an email list).

Easy streamlined checkout

Simplest one-click checkout through PayPal, Authorize.net or Manual Payment. Customers can pay using a credit card or PayPal account. Don’t lose your customers to a complicated checkout system.

Lightweight Shopping Cart

WP eStore is a lightweight shopping cart solution. This lean shopping cart structure ensures that the plugin will not slow down your site.

Ease of Design and Usage

WP eStore seamlessly blends into your existing WordPress theme. You have the freedom of placing a Buy or Subscribe button for a product or service anywhere on your blog.

Autoresponder Integration

It can be integrated with Autoresponders (AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, Mad Mimi). This way the customers automatically get signed up to your list/campaign for email marketing purpose.

Elegant Product Display

WP eStore comes with elegant product display templates which you can use to display your products.

Extensive Shortcode Library

With the library of shortcodes WP eStore provides, you can customize your WordPress ecommerce store exactly the way you want it. Designing your online store has never been easier.

Lots of Free Addons

WP eStore has many free addons that you can use to extend the cart behavior in various ways. You get access to all the free addons and extensions when you purchase the eStore plugin. 

Lots of Payment Gateways

The eStore plugin has free integration with a lot of popular payment gateways including PayPal, Braintree, Authorize.net, Offline payment methods (payment via cheque, cash or bank transfer), BitCoin via BitPay, eWay. There is a premium gateway addon module to add even more payment gateways if needed (example: Stripe, PayPal Pro etc).

Create Buy Now Buttons

WP eStore allows you to create buy now type buttons that offer a super fast product checkout. This type of button allows your customers to purchase a product without having to add it to the cart.

PayPal Subscription Button

You can create PayPal subscription buttons so you can charge recurring payments for a product or service.

Future Upgrades

You will always have access to the latest version of the plugin

Plugin Stability

Our plugin code-base is very stable. We put a lot effort into testing and developing our plugins so it doesn’t break your site after you upgrade.

Save and Retrieve Cart

Ability to allow your customers to save their shopping cart content so that it can be retrieved at a later time.

Sell License or Serial Keys

You can configure a product with a bunch of serial numbers or license keys and the plugin will dispatch it to the customers upon purchase of that product. This feature can be useful to sell tickets too.

Discount Coupons

Create standard or conditional discount coupons using the discount coupon functionality. Use it to allow your customers to buy your products at a discount.

Customer Purchase History

Show customers their purchase history. They will be able to see which products they purchased from you in the past. Also allow them to re-download the digital items they purchased.

Sell Using a Link

You can use this plugin to sell your products via a link. This can be very useful if you have created a landing page using a landing page creator software and you just needed a link to accommodate the item purchase process.


In summary, WP eStore is a noteworthy WordPress plugin that aims to simplify the process of selling digital products online. By providing a variety of features tailored to e-commerce, such as shopping cart functionality, secure downloads, and customizable payment options, this plugin could be a valuable addition to your online business toolkit. While it is important to maintain a balanced perspective and not expect WP eStore to be a one-stop solution for all e-commerce needs, its capabilities certainly warrant consideration for those looking to enhance their digital selling experience. In the end, the true value of WP eStore will depend on your specific requirements and goals, but there is no denying that it offers a solid foundation for managing and expanding your online business.

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