You Can Trust WordPress as Your Website Publishing Platform (9 Reasons)

1- WordPress Is Secure and Stable

First off, WordPress has a long history of constant improvement. There have been five major versions of WordPress since 2003, and almost countless ‘point’ updates of the platform. Each one gives WordPress enhanced functionality, state of the art features, and a better User Experience (UX).

Each release is organized in a professional manner, with a project lead overseeing the work, and the raft of community volunteers working on code. We’ll have more to say about the stellar work the WordPress community does later on.

The result of this effort is a constant cycle of releases – around three or four per year – and near constant evolution. In fact, there’s also a roadmap outlining WordPress future. This makes WordPress a stable, dependable, and strong platform to use for your site.

What’s more, WordPress is inherently secure. One of the major resources for the most critical security issues is the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) ‘Top 10’. WordPress works to harden the core platform to address each of these, and mitigate other common security issues.

If a vulnerability is discovered, WordPress has a procedure for reporting it, through the HackerOne website.

Feras Alameri

Feras is the leader of the development team at Best 4 WP Agency, and he has many years of experience in several fields, including web development, website design, and online content creation. He is a writer with multiple interests, starting from technology and the world of WordPress to AI.

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