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Agents trained at the highest levels and in various specializations to meet your needs!

The value of the services you receive is determined by your need for them and their ability to save you time and effort.

The latest findings in artificial intelligence technologies in the service of business development
In our continuous endeavor to meet the needs of our customers from all aspects, we are proud to offer the services of our integrated team of artificial intelligence agents.

Thousands of Pre-Designed Prompts Tailored for You!

Continuing our commitment to deliver optimal results across the diverse specializations provided by our artificial intelligence agents, we have collaborated with the same team of experts responsible for their training to create thousands of ready-to-use prompts. These are crafted with careful linguistic precision to elicit enhanced responses that meet your requirements.
We've organized these prompt collections according to the agents' areas of expertise.

With our service, you're spared the effort of crafting the perfect query.
we've anticipated your needs and prepared the ideal prompts for you!

Our team of professional AI agents provides specialized assistance at all stages of creating and developing your website. They act as a professional workshop, working with you step by step to establish and build the website you aspire to, from the foundation stone to the moment of launch on the web.

Areas where our AI team is trained to support you:

Developing a plan of action to build the site, including the appropriate type and number of pages.

Writing page content, including product pages.

Choosing the optimal graphic design for website pages.

Software solutions and consultations for your website needs.

Assisting with creating the site’s legal page and privacy policy page.

Laying the foundations for search engine optimization.

Building advertisement pages and writing advertisement content outside the site.

Creating social media pages linked to the site and its services.

Choosing the best and most effective sales methods.

Establishing sound marketing strategies for the site’s services and products.

Developing plans and providing advice on reaching potential customers.

Providing necessary training and advice regarding business, production, human resources, financial supervision, and accounting.

Customized AI Agent for Your Site!

As a member of the Artificial Intelligence Team Services Club, you now have the opportunity to acquire a tailor-made artificial intelligence agent designed specifically for your website!

This intelligent agent will be trained and equipped with comprehensive information about your site. It will seamlessly integrate into any page on your website, adopting the appearance and image you select. Whether representing you, one of your employees, or using an image from our professional archive, this agent will excel at answering visitor inquiries, providing advice, and guiding them through your site's content, services, and products. Additionally, it can serve as your dedicated customer support agent.

By opting for an AI agent customized for your site, you not only eliminate the need for hiring additional support staff but also ensure that your services are available to customers 24/7. 

Explore this exclusive offering as part of the shared package in the AI Team Club services.
At the Best 4 WP AI Team Club, an entire team of specialized AI agents works around the clock, 24/7, to provide the support you need.

Save yourself time, effort, and money and join the list of winners!

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AI Club Membership Plans

Subscription Benefits:
Access to All 22 AI Team Members
Leverage the expertise of our comprehensive AI team, covering a wide range of specializations to meet all your business needs.
Rights to Use All Texts of Prompt Categories
Gain unrestricted access to a vast library of pre-designed prompts, enabling efficient and effective AI-driven solutions.
Monthly Renewable Plan of 25,000 Credits
Enjoy a generous allowance of 25,000 credits (about 125,000 words) per month, ensuring you have ample resources to utilize our AI services fully.
Monthly Plan for Customized AI Agents
Benefit from a substantial allowance of 20,000 Credits per month (about 100,000 words), perfectly suited to cater to the requirements of visitors on the majority of websites.
Premium Help Desk Support
Benefit from top-tier customer service with our Premium Help Desk, dedicated to providing prompt and professional assistance.
Periodic Updates
Stay ahead with regular updates that keep our AI capabilities at the cutting edge, ensuring you always have access to the latest advancements.
What distinguishes the AI agents here from GPT chat?

Our AI agents provide professional customization in answering your questions. Each AI agent available in our service has been trained and taught by a selected group of experts in their respective specialties. This ensures that the answers provided are similar to those given by experts in the field, significantly different from those provided by GPT Chat or other well-known, generic AI models.

Is the one-month free period provided enough to help me create my website?

Thanks to the remarkable speed and capabilities of our AI services, you'll have everything you need to create your website during the free period. However, if you wish to continue benefiting from our AI client services for ongoing support in growing your business, you can subscribe to our paid plans. This ensures that you not only harness the tremendous potential of custom artificial intelligence in building your website, but also gain access to a full team of experts in various professional fields. They work around the clock to support the sustainability and development of your business, guiding it in the right direction.

Does my complimentary month of AI Team Club membership also cover the Customized AI Agent service for my website?

The free one-month subscription exclusively pertains to the Artificial Intelligence Team Club membership, available with select shared hosting plans. This membership is designed to assist you in the website creation and design process. However, access to the Customized AI Agent service is only available with our paid plans.

What updates do you provide?

We regularly expand our selection of pre-designed prompts and continuously introduce new AI agents to our platform. These agents are developed in collaboration with professional experts in their respective fields, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and relevance.

How do I get the best results from my conversation with an AI agent?

To interact effectively with our AI agents, adhere to the following points:
1. Choose the Right Agent: Select the appropriate specialty for your inquiries. For example, if you need a creative script for a YouTube video, the “YouTube Script Writer” is more qualified to provide personalized results than the “YouTube Expert,” and both are more qualified than the “Social Media Expert.”
2. Be Clear and Specific: Present your questions clearly and specifically. Divide and customize your questions to allow the AI agent to provide accurate and professional answers on the topic.

What are my monthly chat quota limits?

The monthly quota for members in all our plans is a maximum of 25,000 credits, with 1,000 credits available for the trial day.
1 credit = 5 words.

What happens if I exceed my monthly quota?

An additional cost will be added to your account at the rate specified in our plans:
Every additional 1250 credits = $1. Tax may be added according to your country.
Note: The minimum amount for calculating additional monthly consumption is $1.

What languages are supported for interacting with AI agents?

While you can communicate with our artificial intelligence agents in any language, please note that responses will be provided exclusively in English.

Do you keep a copy of my chat logs?

In strict compliance with the European Union's privacy policy (General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)), we do not keep any records of your conversations. All conversations are deleted periodically and are not stored in our data.

What is the monthly renewable share of Credits for the Customized AI Agent service?

Each month, clients receive a share of 20,000 Credits, equivalent to approximately 100,000 words, for their AI Agent.

Can I personalize the appearance and details of my AI Agent?

Yes, clients have the freedom to choose the photo, name, or title of their AI Agent according to their preferences.

Can I control where the AI Agent is displayed on my website?

Absolutely, clients can select the specific pages where they would like to showcase their Customized AI Agent.

How much control do I have over the information within the AI Agent's database?

Clients have full control over the data included in their AI Agent's database, allowing them to incorporate any desired information, such as site identity and employee status.

How does the AI Agent handle visitor inquiries?

The AI Agent is adept at responding to visitor questions in a creative and professional manner, based on the provided information.

What happens to the emails collected by the AI Agent from website visitors?

The AI Agent automatically sends collected visitor emails, in PDF format, to the designated client email address on a weekly basis. Once forwarded, all correspondence is promptly deleted from our system as per the client's instructions.

Can I update or change the AI Agent's data?

Clients can update or completely change the AI Agent's data for a fee of $30 per update, ensuring flexibility and adaptability as needed.

How can I provide the site's data for the AI Agent's database?

Clients can submit the data either in text form or automatically through a dedicated application. Inventorying includes the site's pages, with blog posts listing only titles and categories.

What is the limit for including site data in the AI Agent's database?

The ​maximum word limit for site data inclusion is 200,000 words. Exceeding this limit incurs a doubled preparation fee of $30, with clients notified beforehand.

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